Friday, October 26, 2007

Leopard adventures

Well, here in NZ 6pm on the 26th comes before everyone else virtually. So having obtained my copy having watched the unboxing at the local dealer (thanks Magnum Mac), it was home for dinner while the laptop backed up and then put the DVD in the drive.

The install went pretty well fine with only one little hiccup. Somehow it didn't detect the internal hard-drive and the installer couldn't offer it as an install target. After a little digging with Terminal looking at what was mounted where, I managed to provoke it into correctly mounting the disk and then I could select and install on it.

Everything else has gone rather sweetly. It really does look rather nice and is behaving very well for me so far (knock on wood). Outstanding good impressions so far: how fast Spotlight is now, how much faster Safari seems to be, the use of Cover Flow on folders with graphics, the better Terminal, the "Quick Look" functionality of Finder and just how good an "upgrade" install really is on Mac OS.

Questions still to be answered: Where my iCal calendars have gone (currently they're empty and they really shouldn't be), can I selectively choose some folders in the Dock not to be a stack (my Applications folder is really too big and unwieldly as a stack - however I'm used to having it down in that location), why the dock seems to have taken up more space horizontally for the same number of items and wondering when Acid Search for Safari is going to be updated.

Overall, for a .0 release a pretty good version - better than the developer releases I saw!

Well done Apple!

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