Monday, November 08, 2004

Playing with Mac OS X

So I've been playing around with Mac OS X. Things are beginning to fall into place now. A lot of things are really cool - however there is one big disappointment: Media players and management.

So I have a reasonably large collection of mainly mp3s that I have ripped off my collection of CDs. Nothing that unusual. The main thing is that in the Mac OS X universe, everyone seems to think that iTunes is a great media player - when actually it seems to suck quite badly. I've been running with the J. River Media Center on windows which seems to be way better than iTunes. Major areas where iTunes sucks in comparison to Media Center:

1. Gapless playback. I've seen comments about this for the last 2 or so years - but still it has not been fixed.

2. Ability to easily and simply manage a very large number of albums with simple multiple at a time, tag editing.

3. Offering more than one way of browsing media - i.e. more than "Genre-Artist-Album"

4. Offering more than a flat-list of playlists.

5. Ability to browse the file system and edit, import, manage files inside the application.

6. Importing and managing other than mp3 or aac media - including ogg, ape etc. file formats.

7. Customisable display modes for track information, including lyrics and other info.

8. Completely extensible meta-data tracking against tracks.

9. Multiple zone playback for Home Media installations

etc. etc. etc.

Anyone with some reasonable alternatives in Mac OS X land - please let me know.

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