Thursday, September 21, 2006

Richard Hammond

If you're a fan of the BBC Top Gear programme, you probably already know this:

TV host 'improving' after crash. Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is improving but remains seriously ill in hospital after he crashed a jet-powered car during filming for the BBC show.The 36-year-old was thought to be driving at about 300mph on an airfield near York when he crashed on Wednesday.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | North Yorkshire | TV host 'improving' after crash

If you're not a fan - you really should have a look at this program. These guys (Richard is one of three) make some of the most entertaining TV out there. Not particularly "politically correct" and most probably therefore the better for it.

Get well Richard, there's a whole bunch of fans on this side of the world who want to see you back on the screen!

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